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Centretrade International Ltd.
Centretrade Group
Centretrade International Ltd. (Centretrade Group) is a private company is associated with firms in Europe and the Far East, The firm has offices or agents in principal cities and ports worldwide.
The firm's North American Management is well established in the shipping industry, and has a long record of accomplishments with their previous firms. Most of the personnel are experienced in Banking, Insurance, and Finance, trading as well as International Shipping, Trading and Logistics. Many of the personnel speak a variety of foreign languages. Management personnel in charge of traffic and operations have a solid background in international trade and transportation and have traveled extensively throughout the world. They are well known in the industry. Very capable people who have a wealth of experience in the transportation industry manage the firm's branch offices. The firm cooperates with its sub-agents throughout North America and the world.
The Centretrade Group does business with many major exporting firms that are considered 'Fortune 500' companies and has sub-agents in many cities where they do not maintain their own offices.