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Sample Radio Order
Joshua Dean Presents
Product - Earpiece - AM (MW) & FM Mini Radios. Simply switch on and pop the radio into your ear, tune in to your favorite am news, sport or leisure program and carry on walking, running, driving, watching or simply relaxing. The purposeful lightweight design (app. Weight 10 grams. Including battery) with no external wires, aerials or clips ensures a discreet, safe and comfortable fit into your ear as the speaker of the radio has a soft cushion that will stay in place during even the most vigorous exercise.
Battery - battery lid can be opened with a paper clip. Button cell battery is supplied with the radio, which gives hours and hours of listening with complete clarity. It is very important that after listening to the radio is switched off. On continuous playing of the radio, it has life of 48 hours which means battery can last for weeks depending on how frequently it is used.
Customs tariff heading no. 852719 00 00 - no import duty with only vat/ sales tax would be applicable in your area. Both the UK tariff and the combined nomenclature of the EC are based on the internationally agreed system of classification known as the harmonized commodity description and coding system of the customs co-operation council. Please check if this customs tariff heading is used in your country.
This product is stocked in Manchester (UK) and shipped via airmail the next day of receiving the order for the samples.
Packing - radio is packed with dummy rubber battery inside to stop moisture going in the radio while in storage or in transit. Radio is wrapped in polythene bag and battery is also separately wrapped in a polythene bag. The battery bag is then put inside the radio bag.
AM (Medium Wave) RADIO ONLY
Samples: AM Radio only
We offer samples of this product in either unpacked in plastic bags or packed in store packing for a nominal cost. This is a 'special' sample price and given to introduce you to this product.
In plastic a bag: $5.00 each for USA $6.50 each to other locations via air mail
Packed for retail: $5.50 each for USA $7.50 each to other locations via air mail Prepaid only
Samples: FM Radio only
In plastic a bag: $7.00 each for USA $8.50 each to other locations via air mail
Minimum order: Cash or money order - $15.00 Credit card - $20.00
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Please process my order for the World's Smallest Radio:
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Method of payment:
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This credit card order will be processed by CIL and they will appear on your credit card statement from CIL - Cargo Int’l.
FOR BANK TRANSFERS: [Please add $20.00 to cover bank costs at our end]
You could also consider a bank transfer to our A/C 
Mail order with check or money order to:

General Management Services Inc.
45 Gardenville Parkway W
West Seneca, NY 14224-1321 USA
Phone Toll Free: 1-866-252-0135 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155
Phone: 1-905-524-2112 Fax: 1-905-524-0099