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Purchasing & Procurement Services
Purchasing & Procurement Services

Purchasing / Procurement Services

CITrade offers a wide range of procurement and trading house services to international customers. CITrade has over 13 years of experience in sourcing Maintenance, Repair and Operations products for the petrochemical industry.

These services are provided to customers on all five continents. Many customers opt to sign a total procurement services agreement, whereby CITrade takes over almost all activities of the customer's purchasing department.

Using CITrade logistics' services on an order by order basis, however, is used by customers, who want to use our expertise for their more complex, non-standard requirements CTTrade delivers at the speed, quality and service that it promises. But do not take our word for it. You can believe our many clients in over 35 countries in the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Africa.

CITrade offers experienced purchasing and procurement services to our clients. This service ensures that CITrade is able to fulfill client requests for delivery guarantee.

Whether you are in need of order placements to packaging equipment CITrade can help and provide to suit your needs.