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We tell it all! The inside track with industry secrets that reveal how you can prosper from the most POWERFUL AREA of business and profit from the approximate $600 Billion U.S. Export Industry. Cash in on the vast potential of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block Market. The books consist of the following:

We tell it all! Secrets are revealed and inside information and details are put in print. There are easy step-by-step instructions for you to follow and list of banks and financial institutions.             
Our publications are as follows:
Plus our News Letters - The International TRADER, The Vigilance Letter AND MONEY SECRETS NEWSLETTER
HOW TO EXPORT: We show you how to get started, what exporting as all about, starting your business and who's who in export. We go on to show you how to find the products and suppliers then even how to identify and sell to the overseas customer. How to advertise and promote yourself and your product plus how to package your product for the best results. Pricing and getting paid are important sections as well as shipping the order to your customer. We feature commercial terms, financing, L/C's, drafts, and much more. A Reference & Resource section for assistance and a whole section with selected articles from the press to keep you informed and up to date.
GUIDE TO IMPORTING: We start off showing you how to get started in import plus giving you a plan of action and how to enter the business of importing. We provide all the basic facts on importing with a step by step approach, terms, ports, and a glossary. We have a reference & resource section and selected articles to keep you informed and up to date.
MANAGING INT'L SHIPMENTS: This is chock full of everything you need to manage all your international shipments. A full explanation of the types of modes, carriers and services. A complete how to package and ship you’re good to or from overseas. Sample letters are featured with sample forms of all types. Samples of ocean bills of lading, air waybills, dock receipts as well as others forms and documents from every type of int'l shipment. A reference & resource section is included and a glossary of terms.
EXPORT OPERATIONS & TECHNIQUES: This is a complete how to guide book on all the aspects of an int'l. Transaction. Sample documents are included of the forms used for such things as opening a letter of credit, using a sight draft plus forms for everyday use such as pro forma invoices to your overseas customers, pricing and selling. A glossary of terms and a reference & resource section.
MAKING CONTACTS TO OPEN DOORS: We tell you how to go about finding your product, suppliers and then your overseas agent, distributor, representative and final customer. We provide sample letters and forms you can use at once. The bulk of the publication consists of lists. Lists of federal, state and local agencies to help you. Trade clubs, world trade association’s offices, chambers of commerce in the us and overseas. U.S and foreign embassies plus actual companies overseas might be interested in dealing with you. A full list of our own agents and associates has been included to guide you in each country.
MARINE INSURANCE COMPENDIUM: Why you should have marine insurance and why in some cases you do not need it and how you can save money on your marine insurance cover. We focus the world’s hot spots and countries to stay away from and ones to take special care with. Known and little know facts about marine insurance and many secrets from the industry. Be an insider and learn when and how to make a claim and when not to. Know your rights and also the underwriter’s rights as well as what your insurance agents will and will not do and can't do. A full glossary of terms has been included as well as sample claim forms and who is responsible for your cargo.
MONEY - LEARN WHERE IT'S AT! A WORLDWIDE GUIDE: We give you an introduction to and reveal many secrets on financing and investing in general plus sections full of information you can use every day in your business and personal life. The sections include topics like how to make a business plan, how and why to incorporate your business and where to incorporate. There are sections on financing your exports, financing a project, getting venture capital in North America and in the United Kingdom. Lists of U.S., Canadian Mexican, U.K. and European banks as well as the so called 'offshore' banks throughout the world. A complete guide to Eurobonds lists of financial consultants, a resources and reference section plus much, much more.
PROJECT FUNDING MADE EASY: How to save big $$'s on your project funding learn the secrets to financing millions with no money down using loan guarantees. We give you the full scoop with a question and answers section, details on using loan guarantees and 'are you ready for funding'. The three C's of credit, the full transaction procedures, your business plan, loan proposals and examples. There is a list of the important financial groups and some important notes from the publisher.
TRUSTS & ASSET PROTECTION: A DEFINITIVE GUIDE: This is a new and up to date publication chock full of information, advice, secrets and instructions on all the types of trusts, offshore companies. We tell you exactly what each type of trust is and how it could benefit you in safeguarding your assets from unwanted eyes and creditors. We tell you how to keep your affairs secrets with hints and tips on keeping your business and personal matters private.
THE FRAUD REPORT: New, new, new. This is a loaded report. A real block buster with the inside scoop on nearly every conceivable scheme for committing fraud or crime against you or your company. We tell it all! Insurance fraud, stolen cars & parts, maritime fraud, bank fraud, int'l transaction fraud, tax and mortgage fraud. Unknown information about military hardware, arms and ammunition deals, kidnapping, piracy and much much more.
A TO Z OF FINANCE: This is a complete guide to all financial terms and practices starting at 'a' and going through to 'z'. We tell you what each term means and why and how they are used. Don't be a greenhorn; know what the financial experts are taking about. You can speak with confidence with your banker, broker, accountant, attorney etc., and not sound like a neophyte.
The International Trader: This is a newsletter that is devoted to international trade, int'l finance, int’l transportation and logistics. The main focus is on export and import matters with up to date information on new ways to finance exports and imports, information about new markets, items of interest to int'l traders and what's new in this field. There is a resources sections in each issue and listings and details of the new members of the Centre for International Trade. The annual subscriptioncost is $19.95 including postage and handling and covers all issues for one whole year. This subscription is free to CIT members.
The Vigilance Letter: This newsletter is a companion to our publication the fraudreport. It is a monthly newsletter that provides current information on the things in our daily business and personal life that we all should take special care over. Things like crime and the things that can cost us money unnecessarily. It bring to your attention airlines to avoid in light of the crash of TWA 800 and what countries to avoid and why. Tips on saving money and how to avoid getting taken in all the scams that confront us all too often. This newsletter can save the reader a lot of time, money and tells them where to go for help and information in each issue. The annual subscription cost is $19.95 including postage and handling. This newsletter is free to CIT members.
Money Secrets-Newsletter: This is a newsletter dedicated to all aspects of money. Hints on who to make money, how to keep your money, suggestions on investing money, how to protect your money, news about companies that are up and coming. Plus advice and information on how to save money on your purchases and good deals for all to take advantage of in the vast world of your money. We try to dig up the money secrets and pass on those secrets to our readers. The annual subscription cost is only $19.95, including postage & handling, and the potential savings alone could save you thousands. This newsletter is free to CIT members.
General Management Services, Inc. was established in 1990 with its main office in Manhattan's Wall Street area in New York City but has since moved to White Plains, NY a short distance from New York City. The company is associated with a group of companies that was established in 1971 and has its home office in Manchester and branch office in London, England. General Management Services, Inc., or GMS as its known, operates a number of divisions such as book publishing, management consulting in addition to its General Maritime Services division that acts as a freight management, transaction and logistics consultant. Their advertising and public relations division is New Media Advertising that has been a force in print media for over 20 years. GMS also operates the Centre for International Trade in the USA, an affiliate of the Centre for International Trade in London, England. The U.S. operation is staffed by trained professionals in each sector of their business and the management and staff have deep knowledge and experience in their respective field. The director of this new representation for project funding will be Warren Hastings BIM, and he will be assisted by Ms. Rose Turner who also manages the Centre for International Trade division of GMS.
thanks for reading our INFORMATION page. we hope you have found it interesting and informative. please feel free to contact us with your comments, questions or details on ordering any of our many publications.